PARTISANS is an award-winning architecture studio that works at the intersection of design and programming, technology and craftsmanship, invention and activation, politics and culture. We are a diverse team of architects and thinkers fighting for a cause: high-performance design that strives to make the improbable possible. From internationally acclaimed saunas, restaurants, and arts festivals, to train stations, private homes, lighting products, and high-rises, the wide-ranging scope of our projects defies categorization and clichés.

PARTISANS uses new-world technologies in the service of old-world craftsmanship to create striking, context-specific design solutions. Our designs are always digitally modeled with the most advanced software and prototyped to ensure feasibility and constructability. With every project, we bring an appetite for invention. Through research and development, our team embraces constraints and turns them into unexpected opportunities for artful innovation. 015 Moon Lamp is PARTISANS’ first collaboration with Decimal and second lighting collection.