• Agregar Tall

    by Cyrc

  • Agregar Tall

    by Cyrc


Agregar is a stunning light fixture composed of a proprietary LED module built of high-grade recycled aluminum and a 3D-printed shade manufactured from recycled PET from plastic waste like bottles. It keeps approximately 35 bottles out of our oceans and landfills, turning them into a beautiful, long lasting and recyclable light fixture. Agregar is a generative design made from a tiling of
pentagons, giving it a strong futuristic and technological presence. From the black opaque top, the translucent shade dips down as if it’s being pulled by gravity.


LED Module

120 or 220V
2700K Color Temperature
500 lumen
93 CRI
ETL Listed US/Canada
UL and CSA Standards


154mm X 154mm X 128mm



Designed by


Cyrc Design is a Montreal based studio specializing in 3D printing
and lighting. It has built strong expertise in additive manufacturing
and applies it to producing exciting lighting products and other
home essentials from waste stream plastics and non-toxic
biopolymers. Cyrc is inspired by texture, form, and building a
circular economy.

cyrc design portrait