What is Decimal?

Decimal belongs to a new paradigm. We create unique, innovative and forward-thinking light fixtures by integrating pioneering technologies and collaborating with talented individuals around the world.

What does Decimal stand for?

Decimal is an ingenious brand, searching to communicate enthusiasm about how design and technology are reshaping our world.

Where is Decimal?

Decimal is a truly micro-multinational. We are based in Vancouver, Canada. We design, manufacture and assemble in Mexico, the EU and Canada.


What composes a Decimal light fixture?

All Decimal light fixtures are composed of a cutting-edge proprietary LED module, and 3D printed shades designed by forward thinking designers around the globe.

What 3D printing technology does Decimal use?

All Decimal shades are 3D printed in futuristic factories using the most advance SLS technology, achieving the highest industrial 3D printing quality standards.

What kind of light sources do Decimal products use?

To deliver beautiful light, Decimal fixtures use a highly reliable proprietary LED module with an 80,000 hrs lifetime.

Do you only sell pendant lights?

Yes. Decimal sells pendant lights only. We’ll let you know if we change our mind.

Do you have any safety/performance certifications?

All Decimal light fixtures are certified to UL/CSA standards for the United States and Canada. Contact us at info@decimalmade.com for certificates and additional information.

Who designs Decimal fixtures?

Our LED modules are designed in-house by our R&D team to the highest lighting standards. All shades are designed by forward-thinking designers around the globe.

Do you offer warranty on your products?

Our products are guaranteed to last and give you years of beautiful light. We offer a 3-year limited warranty in all our products.