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    by Carsten Lemme


The process to create this light-shade was driven by the admiration for the materials used in the 3D printing. The Nylon along with the building technique produces an almost ceramic like quality, with clear depth and a characteristic grain we loved. When thin and without internal light, the material acts similar to a Japanese paper screen; playing with diffusion and transparency. In combination with the LED module, the surface seems to become incandescent and fills the room with a warmth similar to sunlight filtering through leaves.


LED Module

120 or 220V
2700K Color Temperature
500 lumen
93 CRI
ETL Listed US/Canada
UL and CSA Standards


310mm X 310mm X 310mm



Designed by

Carsten Lemme

As a graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Carsten Lemme has strong roots inside of the conceptual design practices. Many years of performing throughout Europe and Mexico sharpened his personal vision of design and its execution.

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