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    by RKFK


This is an homage to Art Deco design. Have you ever asked yourself why we don’t build things like we used to? What happened to details, craftsmanship, and a serious sense of playfulness? This what I think we I see Art Deco ornamental details. Our digital fabrication processes, bringing in a new material reality, allow us to express ourselves again. I took the feeling of Art Deco, with its clean repetition of hard edges and let it express gravity. It’s as if the geometric motif is melting into a hole around the source of light.


LED Module

120 or 220V
2700K Color Temperature
500 lumen
93 CRI
ETL Listed US/Canada
UL and CSA Standards


310mm X 310mm X 312mm



Designed by


Research and design studio exploring the relationship between digital tools and craft production enhancing the artisan’s craft techniques, amplifying it with digital tools and computational processes, creating a collaborative feedback methodology.
Founded in 2018 by Michel Rojkind and Yoshio Fukumori.


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