Guy Snover

Guy Snover is a designer and maker in Montréal, Québec. He is the founder of Cyrc Design, a start-up merging design, 3d printing, and recycling plastic pollution. Guy has been using and building FDM style 3D printers for years and was thrilled to be free of the constraints of that style of printing in his design for Decimal. Guy studied Sculpture and Architectural Engineering (so he could make bigger sculptures), but once he started dabbling in 3D printing his vision turned to a more personal scale.

For Guy, materials are the starting point. The nature of the material directs the project. Then the fabrication process sublimates the materials into a logical final product. That’s the moment when he falls in love. 3D printing can foster important changes in how our society makes and uses products. Guy continues to develop a new material language for our new material economy.