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    by Ariel Rojo


Also known as Mackintosh lamp, is a simple lighting solution that adapts to all kinds of interiors. The design is the result of the reinterpretation of the historic Mackintosh furniture that was seeking creative independence, allied with respect for the past, and the optimizations for a new manufacturing process.


LED Module

120 or 220V
2700K Color Temperature
500 lumen
93 CRI
ETL Listed US/Canada
UL and CSA Standards


310mm X 310mm X 310mm



Designed by

Ariel Rojo

His passion for design and his willingness to work in multidisciplinary teams have opened him the doors to participate in a great variety of projects in which he mixes culture that enrich universal values through art and design.
In 2002, launched MX Reload, an exploration of mexican identity through the reinterpretation of culture as an ingredient of design.

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