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    by Studio Robazzo


Robazzo’s lamp for Decimal is an experiment in the creation of a digital biological laboratory, in order to grow geometry in a way that mimics life’s natural growth processes. The geometry was driven by differential growth algorithms and inspired by the forms of coral reefs. The result is a symbiotic relationship between digital and organic. The lamp is seemingly alive, glowing from within.


LED Module

120 or 220V
2700K Color Temperature
500 lumen
93 CRI
ETL Listed US/Canada
UL and CSA Standards


310mm X 310mm X 310mm



Designed by

Studio Robazzo

Robazzo is a multi-disciplinary design studio located on the west coast of Canada in Victoria, British Columbia. Inspired by natural forms and modern design principles, Robazzo practices a wide range of disciplines, including industrial, interior and graphic design. The aim for all their work is specific: to merge analog and digital. Robazzo thrives where these dualities meet, creating spaces and products that are both alive and computational – allowing for the most interesting and synergistic experiences to occur.

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